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Storage Solutions


We offer storage for when your new home is not yet available. Storage in Transit, or commonly referred to as S.I.T., is a maximum period of 90 days where we will store your belongings as you wait for your new home to be ready for move in..
The service includes
  • Delivery into the warehouse
  • Storage for up to 90 days
  • Delivery to your new location
Cost for this service varies considerably depending on what pricing guidelines have to be used.
State to State
  • Interstate moves will fall under one Federal pricing tariff.
  • Any move within one state will fall under that States pricing tariff.
S.I.T., although sometimes necessary, can be quite costly due to the amount of man hours involved.
The standard S.I.T. shipment includes the following steps
  1. Driver with our help unloads the shipment into an area of the warehouse.
  2. Each and every item is inspected and compared to the driver's numbered, descriptive inventory that he does before removing the items from your home. Some items may even be reassembled to assure all is correct. We have to assure that each item is in the same condition as when it was picked up and that all items are accounted for. Keep in mind we have a shift of responsibility from the driver to the warehouse and all must be documented. Just in case there is a damage claim the process is seamless to you and the responsibility for the claim is handled internally.
  3. All items are then place inside 5' x 7' vaults for storage.
  4. Time to deliver to your new home the local crew has the option of inspecting all items again and this would depend on the agreement between the local crew and the local agency. Again handled internally and all for protection of all involved. There is a shift in responsibility for each entity that handles your belongings.
  5. Depending on how step 4 is handled either the items are again individually loaded on a truck for delivery. Most times the whole storage vault is fork lifted onto the truck and the vaults are not opened until arrival to your new home.
  6. Delivery will take place with reassembly of beds etc. just like your original driver would have done on a direct move to your new home. This includes your assisting your driver in checking off the numbers on each item brought to your home to assure all is accounted for.
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